Exploring A New Earth Consciousness

Our Animal Body

Today many people realise that our 'dominator civilization' needs to evolve towards a 'partnership civilization' if we are to survive. We need to co-operate not only with each other as human beings, but also with non-human nature. One approach to this greater earth awareness is the recognition of our own animal body. Although our human body is human, it is equally and primarily an animal, and of the earth. Learning to co-operate with our animal body is a first natural step we may take towards greater respect for the wider non-human world.

In his remarkable and essential book, The Spell of the Sensuous, ecologist and philosopher David Abram reminds us how to sense the indigenous physicality of our animal self:

"Whenever I quiet the persistent chatter of words

within my head, I find this silent or wordless dance

always already going on–this improvised duet between

my animal body and the fluid, breathing landscape that

it inhabits."

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