Exploring A New Earth Consciousness

The Power Animal

In many tribal societies, shamans are assisted in their work of maintaining balance and health in their community by power animals. These animal allies from the spirit worlds energize the shamans with the strengths and qualities of their species, and protect them especially when the shamans undertake their 'magical flight' or journeys into the spirit realms.

Usually a power animal belongs to a species found in the natural world - an eagle, a bear, a wolf. But it may also be a force of nature, like lightning, or an element like water. In my book The Way Beyond The Shaman – Birthing A New Earth Consciousness I voiced the idea that our own human 'animal body' could also be experienced as a power animal:

"Feel your pulse. Trust your own heartbeat

as your guide–it is right there with you every moment.

Allow your body to be your guide–your 'power animal'

in that true and deep sense of being your most tangible

guide with a wisdom of its own...."

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